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The Council of Cancer Charities is an Isle of Man registered charity established in April 2000, with the purpose of bringing together the different cancer charities of the Isle of Man, and helping them to work together to benefit people affected by cancer. The Council’s aims are to facilitate and encourage communication between cancer charities, strategically represent the interests of the member charities to the Department of Health & Social Care, and promote overall awareness of the cancer services in the Island. For more information about the Council, please visit this page.

Support and help for people affected by cancer

Cancer Information

For information regarding cancer types, tests & screening, or treatment, please see our Cancer Information pages.

Support on the Isle of Man

If you need help and support following a cancer diagnosis, help with looking after yourself and those around you, or information and support for adjusting to life after cancer treatment, please see the Support on the Isle of Man section of the website.

Cancer Charities

For information about the cancer charities in the Isle of Man, how to contact them, and the range of events they organise throughout the year, please visit the Cancer Charities page.