Council of Cancer Charities (CCC)

Council of Cancer Charities – Mission Statement

The Council’s Mission is to provide a forum for the Island’s leading cancer charities to communicate and coordinate their efforts so as to influence services, improve outcomes, and increase overall benefits to cancer patients and their carers, both on the Island and elsewhere.

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About the Council of Cancer Charities

Registered Charity No. 853 (Isle of Man)
Company No. 105678C (Isle of Man)
Registered Office:
57, Cronk Ny Greiney
Tromode Park
Mr David Gawne MBE
Mrs Julie Stokes
Mr Christopher Barr
Mrs Heather Christian
Mrs Gerry Pishvaie
Mrs Jane Hibbert
Company Secretary: Mr David Gawne MBE

The Council aims to:-

  • facilitate and encourage communication between cancer charities
  • strategically represent the interests of the member charities to the Department of Health & Social Care
  • promote overall awareness of the cancer services in the Island

In order to achieve these aims, the Council seeks to:-

  • enter into discussions with health care partnership organisations on the Island to prioritise the needs for cancer care
  • co-ordinate the efforts of members when considering how to support individual projects

The Council of Cancer Charities was established in April 2000. The Council was designed to bring together the different cancer charities of the Isle of Man, and help them to work together to benefit people affected by cancer.

Cancer Strategy for the Isle of Man 2011-2021

The major aim of the Council of Cancer Charities over recent years has been to encourage, and participate in the strategic development of cancer services on the Isle of Man. Council of Cancer Charities members have played important roles in the production of most sections of the Isle of Man Cancer Plan published in April 2012.

The document in the introduction states ‘It is important to recognise that there are a number of Third Sector organisations that provide high quality innovative support services for cancer patients and their carers, and participate in developing strategies and service delivery planning. Partnership working with, and between these organisations can make an even bigger difference in the fight against cancer’.

The Council of Cancer Charities continues to work closely with the Department of Health & Social Care and other organisations to promote the implementation of the recommendations highlighted by the IOM Cancer Plan and the West Midlands Quality Services Review report (published April 2015), ultimately to improve the experience for the cancer patient and their carers.

Council of Cancer Charities – Financial

It is important to note that the Council of Cancer Charities does not hold itself out to receive funds from the public as this could be seen as competing with its charity members.  On the contrary, it seeks to enhance the fund-raising opportunities for its member charities.

If donations are made on an unsolicited basis, the Council accepts them gratefully in order to offset its costs, but no fundraising events are held, nor does it seek public donations in any way.

For more information on the fundraising events organised by the CCC member charities, please visit the CCC events page.

Please click on the link below to view the accounts for the Council of Cancer Charities:

Council of Cancer Charities accounts – 2015
CCC Accounts 5 April 2015 signed.pdf