The Manx Swallows

Contact Details: John Beckett
5 Homefield Park
Ballasalla, IM9 2ELTelephone: 01624 827723 or 07624 498831Email:
Contact Details: Doreen Wilkinson, ENT Nurse Specialist
Nobles Hospital
Douglas IM4 4RJTelephone: 650229Email:

“The Manx Swallows” are the Patient led support group of the Isle of Man head and neck cancer patients numbering about 150 If you have tonsillar, mouth, throat, nose, thyroid, oropharyngeal or similar cancer this support group is for you. We meet informally as a group quarterly in nice surroundings with suitable refreshments to meet and socialise with others just like you.

When asked about the one thing they wish they had known or had available to them which would have really helped, members consistently said …..

“Somebody to talk to who knows what it is like because they have been there too”

That is why we meet … a mixture of patients, partners, family, carers & professionals to share experiences  and support each other. We also meet or speak privately one to one, which is what many prefer to do.